You Can Use Master Chief’s Voice in Waze, Here’s How

Waze on a phone screen


You Can Use Master Chief’s Voice in Waze, Here’s How

Waze on a phone screen

There are plenty of navigation apps to choose from, but only one currently features Master Chief’s voice guidance, and that’s Waze.

How to Get Master Chief’s Guidance on Waze

Waze often partners with IP holders to bring iconic voices to its navigation platform. The company’s most recent partnership brings Halo’s Master Chief, one of gaming’s most iconic characters, to your smartphone navigation experience. Additionally, Master Chief is joined by Escharum, the Chief’s Banished enemy.

Getting Master Chief on your phone is a lot easier than waiting for Halo Infinite, which is still slated to release at some point in 2021. All you need to do is update your Waze app to the latest version through your app store of choice. From there, tap “My Waze” and select “Drive with Master Chief.”

Master Chief on Waze

Next, choose your Mood, which determines whether you side with Master Chief or Escharum (and shows you on the map to other Waze users as one or the other). The next step is to choose your car, which can be either a Warthog or Ghost.

Select Warthog or Ghost

Finally, choose whether you’d like Master Chief or Escharum to provide voice guidance and then tap “Done.”

If you decide to go back to normal, tap “Drive with Master Chief” on My Waze and choose “No Thanks.”

How Long Can You Ride With Master Chief?

Unfortunately, Waze didn’t announce how long this crossover promotion with Halo will run, so enjoy it while you can because these tend to be temporary.

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