New Facebook Messenger Feature Lets You Poll Your Friends



New Facebook Messenger Feature Lets You Poll Your Friends

Facebook Messenger features

Facebook just reached a significant milestone with Messenger, as the service has reached its 10th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, the company is adding many new features, including one that lets you poll your friends to find out who is “most likely to.”

The most remarkable new feature Facebook announced is the ability to poll your friends in a fun “most likely to” game. You can come up with all sorts of entertaining questions and see which of your friends everyone believes is most likely to do them.

Facebook also revealed an excellent new way to send money to friends for their birthday in the US.  You can use Facebook Pay to send cash gifts that’ll let your friend know you’re thinking of them on their special day.

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Also on the birthday subject, there’s a chat theme that’ll set the mood for celebrating. The company even added a Birthday AR effect and Birthday Balloon 360 background. Finally, Facebook added a birthday song and a confetti message effect you can use in Messenger.

You can also use Messenger to share Facebook contacts now, which is a valuable new feature for introducing people to each other.

Finally, Word Effects are coming to Messenger. You can set words to trigger a selected emoji to fill your screen. This feature isn’t available just yet, but Facebook says it is coming soon to the Messenger app.

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